[Tiptoi] oidproducer 7.26

Igor havegot at i.ua
Do Jan 8 07:12:14 CET 2015

Unfortunately it does not work with Wine on Linux.
Inconvenience but not a big deal for me. :)
By the way already came the "OidProducer.serial.no" file from Peter Tse and the file is woking with EC2 and 8.48 version as well. Thus the fact is they send the file for free.

Interesting that there is a perspective of making games(don't know how yet). And I am sure they are simple games only like questions and answers.

My wife is waiting with impatience for the time when at last I can make something useful.

I'd like to hear from Ting pen owners about their success too! It seems to me that there must be an option of making "ouf" files... As for me I don't own a Ting pen yet but have another pen which reads Ting pen oid code. And its audio file extensions is "bnl". Thus I am looking forward to making my own audio files for my pen.

All the best

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