[Tiptoi] Audio Replacement

Francisco Riveros franciscoriveros at icloud.com
Mo Feb 12 10:50:21 CET 2018

Moin !!

 I bought the Tiptoi for my nephew in Chile but he doesn't understand German, so I wanted to translate all the audios ... so I could download the original audios from the GME but I cannot replace the my custom spanish version of the german ones.... since the library said :

Franciscos-MBP:tttool friveros$ ./libtiptoi r ./libtiptest/libtiptestfilelist.txt Sprichst_Du_Englisch_new.gme Sprichst_Du_Englisch.gme 
There is data after the audio files, file would not work afterwards!

Do you have some idea how I can do it ? 

Thanks in advance!!!

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