[Tiptoi] Help needed

Ulrich Sibiller ulrich.sibiller at gmail.com
Mi Feb 18 21:00:00 CET 2015


we already know how to activate the so called "Storage Boot Mode" of
the Tiptoi. I wanted to try that like documented in the Wiki. I
failed. After some mails it turned out that my pen behaves differently
from Björn's.

To investiage further into that issue I'd like to know how your pens
behave. So could you all please make this simple test: What happens,
when you connect then pen (with batteries removed) to your PC? Does
the pen switch on immediately or do you need to power it on separately
before the pen drive appears on your PC? Please also if you have a
512MB pen (Rev. A) oder a 2GB pen (Rev. B).


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