[Tiptoi] Various Channels of Information, Wiki etc.

Bjoern kalle71 at online.de
Mo Jan 26 20:58:22 CET 2015


>> A wiki would be perfect!
> it seems that the wiki is already enabled:
> https://github.com/entropia/tip-toi-reveng/wiki

https://github.com/gollum/gollum shows on the right side the menu item 

https://github.com/entropia/tip-toi-reveng does not show this item:

Could you please recheck and enable the Wiki if possible?

> But I’m a bit worried about spreading information in too many places. We
> currently have:
>   * The original thread on mikrokontroller.de
>   * The various files in the github repo, especially GME-Format.md
>   * This mailing list.
>   * Various pull requests with useful information
>   * The German, enduser-friendly page at http://tttool.entropia.de/
>   * And now the wiki

Not to forget the email exchanges before the mailing list and the files 
on Dropbox ... ;-)

> We should make sure that some stuff can always be found in one place.
> For example:
>   * Definite knowledge about the GME file format stays in
>     https://github.com/entropia/tip-toi-reveng/blob/master/GME-Format.md
>     The wiki could of course be a good place to document stuff that is
>     only partially understood,
>   * Documentation for the tttool goes into the README.md, and – at least
>     the higher-level commands – can also be explained on
>     http://tttool.entropia.de/

Yes, I fully agree that we should try to avoid duplication of 
information at different locations.
http://tttool.entropia.de/ is in my opinion the best entry point for 
first time visitors.
Here it would be great to have a short intro into the project, 
preferably at least in English and German.
Besides of this, this would be a good location for links to the other 
sources, like the thread on mikrocontroller.net, github repo, github 
wiki, mailing list, your c't article, etc. etc.


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