[Tiptoi] TipToi maker beginner

Igor havegot at i.ua
Do Jan 22 15:44:07 CET 2015

Hi Ulrich,

When you buy a new pen you have to initialize it with the right
language. IIRC there is a sheet with the right OID for your country in the box.
Aha, understood. :)

Well, I always fail when trying to print your pdfs. ;-(
Didn't know that. :(
I have found a place in the oidproducer 7.26a where one can change the dot size from 1 to 4(default is 2) in Width and in Hight and another option which is called "Output Focus Object"(maybe it is the density of the dots of the prints). I am going to play with this setting and then to attach examples in order to anyone could print and test them. :)

The menu path is following: Output\Output file for printing\Advance\Custom dot size(and Output Focus Object).
today I read something about a Tiptoi game called "Der Miliionen-Coup"
where the players have to solve tasks in time limited rounds. Here's
the german manual:

Maybe the gme file for this game includes some commands to start/stop
timers. So If you are looking for something to examine - go! ;-)
Very interesting, thank you.  Do not stop to admire the genius of Ravensburger engineers! 

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