[Tiptoi] Create-debug on FRENCH pen not working

Romain GOUYET romain at gouyet.com
Mo Jan 19 21:21:01 CET 2015

With the help of Igor, I’m now able to assemble an existing gme file with
new songs and test it on a French pen.

In fact, just after the assemble, I edit the file and add the localization
in the header (I add FRENCH just after the date)


I want now to go further and use the create-debug function to be able to
hear the OID code from my book.

But the file I created with the create-debug of tttool.exe are not working.
I try to manually add the Localization too but I get the same result. When I
click on the green start button of the book, it ask me to load the good
audio file.


Any suggestion ?






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