[Tiptoi] More infos on hardware's OID handling

Ulrich Sibiller ulrich.sibiller at gmail.com
Mi Jan 14 00:41:35 CET 2015


I have begun reading out old mails from 1 year ago and found a mail,
where Björn references a document that describes the communication
between the DSP and OIS chip. This document can be found here:

Some excerpt:

Index Type ( Bit17~Bit0 )
Until now SN9P701-00x supports index range from 0x000000 to 0x00ffff.
There are totally 65,536 indexes. The useful index range is divided
into following types:
0x00000 ~ 0x3ffef
Reserved for internal use
OID_IndexType_Normal _DontCare
0x3fffc ~ 0x3ffff
▪ OID_IndexType_Normal ( 0x000000 ~ 0x03ffef )
Index in the range is according to the dot pattern that retrieved from
captured image. Currently only 0x000000 ~ 0x00ffff are supported by
SN9P701 and OID EZ compiler. Index range 0x010000 ~ 0x03ffef are
reserved for extended usage.
Note: OID Authoring tool and EZ compiler defines number 0x00fcff to
0x00fdfe as page code. Number 0x00fdff to 0x00fffe is reserved for
system. Number 0x00ffff is idle code.
▪ OID_IndexType_DontCare ( 0x03fffb )
This “DontCare” index is used to inform DSP/MCU, that the index
contained in this data packet is useless. Normally “DontCare” will be
filled in Bit17~Bit0 to replace a normal index when the following
condition happens: 1. Key_status is changed and no newer index is
found. 2. Battery is checked and no newer index is found
For example, if OID index DontCare is sent to DSP with battery high,
and key_0 and key_1 are released, the received data will be 0x503fffb.
▪ OID_IndexType_Missing (0x03fffc ~ 0x03ffff )
The indexes are used to inform DSP/MCU the captured image can’t be
recognized. User can ignore it because it happens only when OID pen is
moved out of the paper, or decoder can’t recognize current picture.
▪ Reserved for internal usage (0x3fff0 ~ 0x3fffa )
Those indexes are reserved by Sonix compiler. Please don’t define it
to make application.

Looks interesting, at least the 18bit data width from the OID seems correct.

The OID EZ compiler is another piece of software that I cannot find anywhere...


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