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st_germain st_germain at web.de
So Jan 11 15:57:00 CET 2015

Am 11.01.2015 um 15:44 schrieb Sven Scholz:
> if have successfully printed OID’s with a inkjet printer(canon mg5500) in 600dpi
Hello Sven,

okay, and you can read it with tiptoi-pen?
Do you create the codes with tttool?

Can you please gernerate a pdf with working ID's on your pen,
so I can try to print it and play it with my pen and printer here?
Perhaps there are some custom settuing on the printer I'll have to set.
Is the printer driver perhaps under windows diffrent?
I have a virtual machine, to test linux-printer drivers if needed ...

Thanks, a lot...

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