[Tiptoi] ein bischen Fund

Igor havegot at i.ua
So Jan 11 14:07:46 CET 2015

> That's not true. We had one guy that worked on the hardware but I have
> not heard from him for a long time now. His findings are here:
> https://github.com/entropia/tip-toi-reveng/blob/master/wip/Hardware.md
Oh, I am a blind man!
Thank you!
Then Chomptech ZC3202N is the main processor... and my "Ting clone" pen has the same one. And maybe my pen has nothing to do in common with Ting pen. Just another OID 2 standart. When I attach this pen as a physical drive it says: "YCS OID ZC3202 usb Device". Maybe someone has a Ting pen and would be so kind to attach it as a physical drive with the help of Hex Editor Neo program for example and see what it says...

And how it is known that ZC3202N is an ARM processor?

Thank you

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