[Tiptoi] oidproducer

Igor havegot at i.ua
Mi Jan 7 17:23:29 CET 2015

This is confusing. In the article description the price is 1$ (US),
but above it is 68 HKD (about 7,50 EUR).

Have you already figured out how to pay there?
Not yet but already sent an email with my "send.to.ask.for.serial.no.now" and nobody answered. Maybe they will do something later...
There is 6.58 version of oidproducer on the Internet and it asks for caiEdit.dat file which is another kind of serial number I think.

Maybe they are already selling for something because there is no customers at all. And maybe I am going to be the first. ;-)

PS: Sorry for my german mails, I will write english again now ;-)
Thank you for your kindness! I began to study German recently but it is not a quick thing. English is still much more understandable for me.

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